ZOLLERN awarded as top supplier of the energy sector

The world leading energy technology company Areva awarded its first “Top Supplier” prize. Areva, which employs 75,000 people in the nuclear energy and renewable energy sectors, wanted to recognise its best supplier from the preceding business year with this award.


ZOLLERN were in line amongst the excellent suppliers for this top award. The suppliers were measured against 25 various criteria including manufacturing competence, product quality or delivery performance. Furthermore Areva applied their own special analysis of innovation, competitiveness, long-term business approach as well as environmental awareness to the companies competing for the distinction.

ZOLLERN deliver the carrier for the nuclear fuel rods of the reactor core with which reactors are driven. Siegfried Briesemeister, general manager of ZOLLERN’s investment castings division, who was presented with the award by Anne Lauvergeon, at Areva’s Berlin headquarters said:  “We are delighted to be honoured with this prize by one of the global players in the energy sector. The cast product delivered by us is a consumable within the nuclear reactor and has to resist extreme loads. Its particular relevance to the safety of the overall system needs from ZOLLERN an extraordinary care in production and quality management. We are in daily contact with AREVA and this close working with them has contributed to the fact that we are today, where we are. "